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Parent Philosophy

#1 Find a Coach and Training Staff you Trust

The Club must treat athletes fairly, act with integrity, and follow through on the things we say we will do. Simple but powerful words.

Parents should hold coaches to a high standard of behavior, integrity, and compassion. The coach and trainers must connect with you, and more importantly, with your child. If you are uncomfortable with something, communicate immediately with Club leadership so it can be addressed. 

#2 Allow the child to control their soccer experience

 Without control, children will not take responsibility for a new challenge. On the other hand, when you grant them some modicum of control, you will see children who define commitment and rise to new challenges with confidence, courage, and a positive state of mind that is conducive to high achievement.  The child needs to feel wanted and encouraged while in the home, with encouragement to take risks and discussions around achievement, support, and progression. 

From: Changing the Game Project, John L. Sullivan & "My Kid is Going to Make it to the Big Leagues!" By Dan Freigang, Sport Psychologist with the U.S. National Team

#3 Let's work together! Parent, Coach, and Player united

When parents, players, and coaches express their needs, such as the common ones listed in the graphic below, then a structure can be built that benefits everyone. And when everyone knows what the common goals are, there’s a focus and a destination for the end of the season, as well as a measuring stick to see if you were successful in what really matters the most. Parents can get caught up in winning streaks, social media brags, and college scholarships as being most important when a quick look at the common goals would remind us otherwise.

From:, "Meet in the Middle, salvaging our youth sports experience"

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